My project diary/portfolio page which is also the very site you are staring at right now.

Fitting images and galleries

So this is my third week of an unusually long summer vacation, six weeks all in all. I discovered that I had five or so weeks saved up as I dag around in our salary system, and since the summer is unusually hot and I now have a little family, I decided that this was a good time to use some of that.

Last week I decided to dig into the issue I’ve had for a while; having an easy way of displaying images and sets of images while also showing them in a formal, neat way on the site. I’ve used containers with a certain class for newer images for a while, but in order to let people see an enlarged version of the image each container needed to be enclosed in a link to their respective image. This meant that I had to write the address to an image twice every time I added an image, no good. So I played around with some java script libraries for creating slide shows and resizing images. I ended up using a modal container, the siema library and some custom JS script in addition to three container classes; one for images, one for a “slideshow” and one for “slides”. No links to images needed anymore as it will be resized in a modal view.

I’m currently updating all posts, filling in some blanks where posts never got posted, refining some project banners and making all images and image collections use my new classes. I should be done with the lot of them before long.

Update Feb 2017

I have iterated a bit on the webpage, simplifying the layout and replacing the free-wall javascript library with flex containers. I have also replaced wordpress category icons via some weird plugin for a custom php solution where I look for specific images on the webpage. I now have these “feature” images for all projects, inspired from Google Play, which have a landscape layout and are supposed to replace both icon and title.

New Identity

So I feel that the page is finally starting to get a more refined identity. It will be a dev blog where I post whatever I feel like, not a polished portfolio for trying to look better than I am. I will probably still use it for portfolio, communication and distribution purposes, but fundamentally it’s my blog.

I made a fresh wire frame for it bounded with some look and feel, and I have a very good feeling about it.

Site updates

Since some time back I have been making efforts to make this page look less shit and more polished and unique. I’m using WordPress, but I’m not so impressed by that system at this point (that’s partly why I am making zTinker). However for the time I will just deal with it.

I have worked with the general looks of the content, centering images and justifying text. I have worked on the header, making it look better and better. I have also created custom looks for my landing and about me-pages. The landing page is the most interesting part right now. There is still some work to do but I’m slowly getting there. The idea is to have a horizontal slider for each category of projects I’m working on.

I added a sort of parallax effect by having a non-scrolling background and all the rest on a foreground.

The responsive menu is fucked up, I will have to look into that.

Small fixes

I’m leaving for Visby for a conference tomorrow, so I spent the evening fixing some really annoying bugs on my webpage. The responsive menu did not place itself correctly when it appeared. There was also and issue with that the content of projects leaked over on the left side, adding a transparent column of nothing. I managed to remove these ugly bugs and also made more of the menu text readable by changing the color of it. I also took the time to change to a more fitting background gif, though I really need to make my own if I’m going to keep it. : P I also adjust the background so that it fills the screen.

In the future I need to fix the text so that it is nicely aligned horizontally everywhere (it’s leaning to the left for some reason now) and make the background parallax. I also need to look into the design of my vertical scroll bars in the start page so that the look nice on both mobile and desktop environments. :)

New attempt at HTML5 version

So I never really got anywhere with the last version. I suppose I don’t have that much time for spare time projects anymore. However, now I’m more experienced and also have a great need for a revamped online project portfolio. So here goes my second attempt at recent web tech, using it more, being more playful while doing so and using a library for working with vector graphics and animation.

Archived version of webpage:

Zesapolis with Canvas

The rebranded javascript for webpages is out, HTML 5. Essentially it is a bunch of new tags that work well in conjunction with javascript, which means that the scripting language that everyone have been hating on for years might be revitalized. I suppose people hate more on flash and action script at the moment. :)

Not that much on the page yet, and I’m using the same database as I did in the previous version. However, it will be fun to explore all these new features.

Archived version of webpage:

Webpage Overhaul

Since I started studying at uni I always felt it was time to give this webpage a well deserved update. I’m trying to go for something simplistic that is to the point while also being personal and attractive. Lots of things to implement and figure out still, but I’m getting there. There are a few pictures in the gallery and some files in the files section.

Archived version of the page:

My own webpage

I have started to play around with web development. A friend tried to introduce me to HTML many years ago, but now I’m finally getting the logic of it and why it’s so fun. This also works very well together with learning Photoshop. I will probably update this webpage a lot as I learn more about web development and how to share content on the Internet.

Archived version of webpage: