Fitting images and galleries

So this is my third week of an unusually long summer vacation, six weeks all in all. I discovered that I had five or so weeks saved up as I dag around in our salary system, and since the summer is unusually hot and I now have a little family, I decided that this was a good time to use some of that.

Last week I decided to dig into the issue I’ve had for a while; having an easy way of displaying images and sets of images while also showing them in a formal, neat way on the site. I’ve used containers with a certain class for newer images for a while, but in order to let people see an enlarged version of the image each container needed to be enclosed in a link to their respective image. This meant that I had to write the address to an image twice every time I added an image, no good. So I played around with some java script libraries for creating slide shows and resizing images. I ended up using a modal container, the siema library and some custom JS script in addition to three container classes; one for images, one for a “slideshow” and one for “slides”. No links to images needed anymore as it will be resized in a modal view.

I’m currently updating all posts, filling in some blanks where posts never got posted, refining some project banners and making all images and image collections use my new classes. I should be done with the lot of them before long.