Site updates

Since some time back I have been making efforts to make this page look less shit and more polished and unique. I’m using WordPress, but I’m not so impressed by that system at this point (that’s partly why I am making zTinker). However for the time I will just deal with it.

I have worked with the general looks of the content, centering images and justifying text. I have worked on the header, making it look better and better. I have also created custom looks for my landing and about me-pages. The landing page is the most interesting part right now. There is still some work to do but I’m slowly getting there. The idea is to have a horizontal slider for each category of projects I’m working on.

I added a sort of parallax effect by having a non-scrolling background and all the rest on a foreground.

The responsive menu is fucked up, I will have to look into that.