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Trying out cards

Me and John are still iterating a bit on the game post-jam. We have been trying out various styles for the cards, just to polish the prototype a bit. Probably going to try for the more old looking tarot card look to begin with.

Founder’s keeping up!

I won’t lie, between adding final feature to make the game playable and having all the team’s effort represented, making it back to home before the ending ceremony and hosting the final scheduled session, things were a bit tight.

You can play and view the jam submission here:

But everything worked out, and not only was Founder’s Keep playable, the event ended up being really smooth throughout. More participants than ever before on top of that, what a blast!

I’d like to thank my talented team mates Sara and John without whom the game would not have ended up as sweet as it did.

Sara is a multi-talented artist who composed and wrote for Founder’s Keep and you can find her sound track here:
She’s also a freelance poet, painter and musician, she even has a IMDB page!

John has a passion for 3D art and is also a indie game dev, you can find some of his work at his Instagram:

So close, yet far…

The second day of this year’s global game jam and I’m having a blast. The team is working very well, especially for consisting of three people who have not know each others since before and who are only getting to know each other now via chat and voice calls.

Sara is making some great songs and John have provided some really fun and unique characters. It’s always fun jamming with others and especially new people, you never know where things will end up. : )

Got two major things working today, a dungeon map being synced from a server and also synced movement of several players in a WebGL app. Technically things are falling into place, but we still have player interaction (probably damage dealing) as well as game states (intro, playing, game over,..) and a winning condition to deal with. Well, we’ve got some time tomorrow. : )

Global game jam 2021

The global game jam remains a high point of the year for me. Last one was before the pandemic broke out, even before we started elbow bumping in Sweden. This year it is remote, and even before the event I was pretty sure I wanted to continue on my and WebGL exploration that started in the Zero hour game jam last fall.

I have formed a team with two others, one who wants to do 3d art and maybe some code and one who wants to compose music. That should work out nicely, I just hope that I can get their content into the game that between organizing the jam, spending some time with the family and building with fairly new material it will end up being a playable game.

Well, so far so good. There is a basic layout following the concept and at least communication with the server. The jam kick-offs have also been very smooth. I think this weekend will be a lot of fun! : )

Applying holograms

Vidar, who is ideating and experimenting with the soundtrack for Stricod, is making great progress. It aches me that I cannot keep up in terms of graphics and gameplay due to other work. Nevertheless, making some progress with applying the holographic effecting in building some fundamental systems for visual cues and narrative.

Rocket on Fire

The game has, thus far, had a distinct lack of polish. I started to add some of the essentials, and just with a bit of rocket fire, it looks so much better and conveys actions so much clearer.

Elastic Asteroids

Added so-called elastic collisions for asteroids and other things today. This is a pretty big deal because collisions and reliable collisions was one of the main issues with developing in Multimedia Fusion. This is the first official feature (except maybe for the eight player support) that goes beyond the state of the original project.

Markers and Power-ups

Powerups which refilled your ammo, adding a satellite gun with some ammo which also acts as a shield was a key feature back in the original project. Now it’s added, in addition to a marker system indicating where things are located outside of the current field of view.