A megaman clone inspired by the reboot of the NES style remakes Megaman 9 and 10. Named after a good friend who enjoyed it. : )

Fiddling with framerates

I haven’t had a lot of time to work on my projects in a while. When I often come back to certain issues though. Ever since I switched over to Unity from the Clickteam products I’ve been struggling to implement some basic but important features. The main once relate to creating games that have a decent retro pixel feel to them. Either I’m working on a solution to get the right visuals, or the right collisions. Today I tried doing most of my collision in the FixedUpdate call and realized that I could change the time step in the project time settings. This may solve some of those overlap correction issues I’ve been having…


So I’ve been quite in the project for awhile now. Reason is that I’ve been occupied with a lot of other things aaand, that the last thing that I did was starting porting it to Unity and this turned out a little bit more challenging that I’d liked it to be. Nevertheless, made quite some progress event though it’s been maybe a month or two since I last made an update now… Well the Unity port is necessary, and it will be great, I promise. : )

Some small updates

A lot of stuff has been going on, preventing me from dedicating much time into Fagerman. Dedication is needed to make real progress at this point, so that’s a shame. But hey, I’m still trying. : )

Above you can see some of the base work for the Antiman stage (a tower rising into space) and the Psychoman stage (a spooky mental sanatorium which blinks in and out of reality and a fantasy land). Below are some tiles for the ice of the Vikingman stage.

Pushing hard to put more time into this project now, I’ll keep updating and make things happen!

Hell is heating up

Haven’t been able to put that many hours into the project recently, but I have done some things. My current strategy is to work out the level layouts and base graphics for all components for each stage. That means a lot of pixel art, and it’s as fun as I remembered it.

From Life to Death

It’s been a while since I posted anything so I think a little update is in order. Except ordering 4 more of my beloved 8bitdo zero controllers and a bunch of arcade buttons and sticks (for general purpose use but also an upcoming jam) I have also done some proper work on Fagerman of course. Mostly, I have been working with the Bioman stage sketching the general level design, prototyping new components and user testing. However, I now feel that it’s time to move on to the general layout of the next stage, working on the width of the game. This gives me a better understanding for how everything will fit together without focusing too much on one single aspect of the game.

The next stage is Reaperman’s, the last stage that I did some actual work on seven years ago when I started with this project. I only did a small corridor and some general movement to two enemies as well as a boat though, so there is much to do. For the upcoming work I have drawn some inspiration from Airman’s stage in Megaman 2. I made my own, gothic interpretation of those blocky devils with moving horns and cows coming out their ears.

I’m pretty happy with the result so far, we’ll see if it stays in. : )
(ps. Bea är bäst)

Fun with Gamepads

So I played around with the possibilities to play Fagerman on my phone using a mini bluetooth controller. I got some nasty compression on both sound and graphics (Fusion 2.5 not really delivering) but otherwise it worked fairly well. Sad thing is that Fusion has very poor support for gamepads on Android, so I had to set the gamepad in its keyboard mode, which led to all sorts of issues, and also makes it impossible to have multiple controllers with unique input. Still fun though. : )

Spikes & Splines

It seems I only have a few hours here and there in the evenings to work on this now, but I’m making progress from time to time. I revisited the Bioman stage design again and decided to go for a more distinct inside-body theme as this is what really can set it apart from the other stages. Purple rooms have been replaced for fleshy, veinous parts and mushrooms for organic openings (taking inspiration from the forest background in the official Plantman stage).

Beer Bartest Fest

Every other Tuesday there is an afterwork with the local game dev (and game dev interested) community here i Gothenburg. Our current bar of favor is GG bar with a distinct E-sports and gamer theme. Last Tuesday I joined, as one does, and brought a laptop and gamepad for some testing. The first person to finish the somewhat full level of Fagerman would get a beer. I can only conclude that Armoryman’s stage is really tough and that the victor was very deserving of their drink.

Bioman Begins, Again

Spent this weekend working on the general layout of some levels and fixing some minor bugs that seem to have come from the update of the game engine (I think it’s all the way from MMF2 to Fusion). So there is Bioman and Reaperman that I already had some progress on since seven years ago. I made a full plan and general layout for both of them, and then focused on implementing Bioman in some detail (sprites and enemy position but not working code).

At a point I felt like added a jungle session to Bioman, but I realized that’s what I want Voodooman to be all about. I put the jungle part away for future use and tweaked Biomans part to more of a mushroomy, inside-body style.
I also begun changing the Megaman sprite into Fagerman. : )