From Life to Death

It’s been a while since I posted anything so I think a little update is in order. Except ordering 4 more of my beloved 8bitdo zero controllers and a bunch of arcade buttons and sticks (for general purpose use but also an upcoming jam) I have also done some proper work on Fagerman of course. Mostly, I have been working with the Bioman stage sketching the general level design, prototyping new components and user testing. However, I now feel that it’s time to move on to the general layout of the next stage, working on the width of the game. This gives me a better understanding for how everything will fit together without focusing too much on one single aspect of the game.

The next stage is Reaperman’s, the last stage that I did some actual work on seven years ago when I started with this project. I only did a small corridor and some general movement to two enemies as well as a boat though, so there is much to do. For the upcoming work I have drawn some inspiration from Airman’s stage in Megaman 2. I made my own, gothic interpretation of those blocky devils with moving horns and cows coming out their ears.

I’m pretty happy with the result so far, we’ll see if it stays in. : )
(ps. Bea är bäst)