A megaman clone inspired by the reboot of the NES style remakes Megaman 9 and 10. Named after a good friend who enjoyed it. : )

Getting a Proper Name

So I recently came to think of this project again as I was attending this year’s global game jam (where me and said person made Enbarr mac Lir). I just so happens that my friend liked the project and tested it a lot for me. As a result I though I should rename it to something that is copyright infringement, change all borrowed sprites and sounds and honor my friend by letting him pick or inspire the new name. : )

How far I got

As usual, this project has eventually fallen out of my workflow due to having too many other things to work on. I though I should post some images from the stages of Armoryman, Bioman and Reaperman anyway. Is suppose I could upload the game as is if someone would be interested in trying it out… we’ll see. : )

Master Candidates

Here are the candidates for the robot masters of my Megaman-esque fan remix. The previously considered “Slamman” has been replaced by the conceptually stronger “Psychoman”. From top left: Armoryman, Chefman, Bioman, Psychoman, Voodooman, Reaperman, Vikingman and finally Anti-man.

Progress and Issues with Armoryman

The level I’m initially focusing on is progressing well. However, I recently ran into some issues related to the Multimedia Fusion engine. I’m just to solving after years of Clickteam hassle though, so I’ll figure it out. I have a habit of making backups these days.