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The size of a party

Today I decided on adding eight player support, because why would you limit local gameplay to just four? Also, that seemed to have been my 2016 ambition, although I don’t clearly remember my motivation for having that then.

Basic restart

Today I got around to create basic UI and state machines for being able to making a choice on what type of game to play and which players will participate. This involved quite a lot of thinking in regards to how player input will be read and mapped to various, local players.

New beginnings

A virus pandemic, small child and heaps of saved up vacation somehow landed me in the conclusion of taking an epic seven week summer vacation. While I’m spending most of it going to local playgrounds and gobbling through the flavours of the local ice cream bar, there have been some time for project reflection.

So, I decided on picking up an old project, and the pick landed on StriCOD. I got half-way there, porting it form Unity from Multimedia Fusion four years ago. Since then there have been lots of interesting new features added to Unity. As a matter of fact, picking up the basics from where I left up was a rather smooth process. I’m looking forward into working a more long-term project again. : )

Furthermore, I have employed the talents of Vidar MÃ¥rtensson whom I have worked together with on some secret projects and TP Wars to help me make some music for StriCOD. Nice!

Jam Over!

We set the 3rd of July as end date for this June jam so that we would be able to hold a little ending ceremony on a Friday. It turned into a neat little session where we tried two games, a FPS with an intended story of a post apocalyptic world where people have bars and scavenge the surrounding for coffee brewing parts. The other, ours, we could just show because we didn’t have the time to package it. Super fun, didn’t have the time to include all aspects in today’s version, but will finish it up in the coming days!

Game face-lift

Johan had a look at the graphical style of our game world and added a brighter background, platform texture and lighting to it. Starting to look pretty good actually.

New Unreal Engine 5 Trailer!

My vacations have basically started and I’m finding some more time to play around with this project and figuring UE out. There is now some rudimentary player control and such, but we might still have some way to go before we take full advantage of that famed UE out-of-the-box graphics. : )

Being a goat

I don’t get a lot of time to work with this, really looking forward to my upcoming summer vacations and hoping I’ll be able to sprint a bit in cross-over between this jam and my vacation. I experience that it is quite tough to get into UE from the point-of-view I prefer, hands-on experimentation.

Johan have managed to finish and animate the ram mesh for the game though. : )