Game Release

At first sight this might seem like a lame game, but it isn’t. In fact it’s… unlame, kind of…


A peaceful country has been enslaved by the Evil Warlord ESW. He is a brutal and merciless conqueror, and something has to be done. The heroic protagonist Stick Warrior is the only one, brave enough, to stand up against ESW and his minions.


  • A handful of groovy original music!
  • Saving feature (don’t forget to use it as often as you can, this was made in TGF)!
  • Basic custom platform movement engine!
  • Animated scenes!
  • All MS paint graphics!!!
  • Progressive, passive, storyline…
  • Two endings!
  • Game play twist in the end (if you get the good ending)!


  • Shift or Z to jump
  • Ctrl or X to attack
  • Arrows to move
  • S (on map) to save – DO THIS AFTER EACH LEVEL!
  • Space to do some “skipping”
  • F2 to restart the ap
  • F4 + Alt to exit, if you don’t want to use the window-GUI in your OS.

About it

Much of the game was made a long time ago, spread over a long period. At first I only wanted to test some stuff in TGF, so I made what is now the first two levels, plus the menu and the map. Later on I made the rest of the levels, which is why they have more “level specific” stuff.
Some time ago I continued with this game, made the custom movement, a lot of bug fixing, the last stuff and some more…