Basic code for swimming

Cate can now do some swimming, on the surface of water, and also dive beneath it. Animations are not there, but it’s just a matter of making them and putting them in their place.
Cate can dive and swim in 8 directions under water, there are more angles though, to make the rotation look smoother.

Old events have been adjusted and merged, so that my engine, though probably not more efficient, is easier to overlook and understand.

I will either make these swimming animations now (can do it later as well, I have preliminary animations for them) or start to work on the inventory.

There will basically be three types of items; edible stuff (eg. potions and food), throw-weapons (eg. knives, bombs) and equipment (eg. chain sabres, pistols, artifacts). Cate will only be able to hold a few things at the same time, though additional item slots can be found as upgrade items. I hope that this will offer a choice of strategy for the player. You can either stock up on items that heals you, you can choose to not carry the sabres or the pistols in order to have some extra throwables, or you can choose to only carry powerful artifacts that boosts your stats, and one weapon, or just use magic… We’ll see…