Water and various effects

It’s devlog time!
Not as much as I would have hoped for has happened since the last update, at least the progress has not been were it should have. :P

Cate’s face has now been added to most animations, although it has yet to be adjusted for the emotion meant to be displayed during each move. I have adjusted the scrolling so that it moves smoother and I have experimented a little with how I am going to produce the various areas, once I get that far.

I have added an underwater distortion effect which I am satisfied with, and have tried different methods to create dynamic light in dark places, no satisfying results there so far…

The status bars and such have been put where I mean to have them, but the magic and item slots and objective compass are not finished yet. Next I’ll make the swimming code and animations, then I might finish the item stuff so that I can implement equipment like the chain sabres in an appropriate way.

Oh, I have also made a rain effect for the game.

If anyone has some really smart ideas of how to make good light and water effects for a game like this (with mmf2 and its extensions), please feel free to post your ideas (and secret techniques). ;)