Movement Engine Adjustments

Hi all.
I’m currently working on the movement engine, and I have so far completed most of the platform related movements.

What Cate can do now is:
Be Idle, walk, run, dash forward and backward, decelerate, jump, double jump, wall jump, dive (like a bird, not for swimming), grabbing cliff ledge, fall, crouch down, stand up, crawl and slide kick.

What there is yet to be done:

  • Climbing ladder in background, climbing ladder on wall, climbing “ladder” in ceiling, swing her chain sabres (eventually other things as well)
  • Swimming stuff
  • Normal combo attacking (left, right, left, right…)
  • Parrying
  • Charge attack
  • Various sabre special attacks
  • Pistol aiming and shooting
  • Bomb throwing
  • Summoning and casting various fire spells.

The animations for these things are not ready, though I have preliminary graphics for many of the moves.

Here is a concept pic of what the status window will look like:

I haven’t thought so much about the eventual leveling system, but it usually adds to the fun of a game, so I will definitely have some kind of system.
The player circle through stored spells and items and then uses the selected stuff with another button.
The buttons for different actions are configured via an in-game control system, so it is really easy to adjust the controls as desired, no matter what defaults I choose.

Ideas or just comments are very welcome.