Hi again!
After looking at a voxel engine that Knudde did for TGF a long time ago I decided to use this technique for fake 3d instead.

Positive stuff about voxel graphics are that it doesn’t have to be very processor demanding and that it’s easy to create any type of geometrical 3d form really fast. Negative is that it is really hard to make detailed side “textures”, but even without those it can still look OK.

I’m still working on the movement engine, it is now possible to climb on wall and background ladders. Some more animations have been added to Cate, I’m really satisfied with my preliminary jumps and falls.

The status frame is normally outside the screen, to give more space for the actual action, but it can be called into the screen by holding space, it will float out as soon as space is not pressed. When entering a battle it will come on-screen automatically, as it is useful to keep an eye on various status bars during this situation.

You might find the 1% disturbing, thinking something like “Man, if he plans to do something that big it will never be completed”. Well, it’s not that I think that I have only finished 1%, it’s that I don’t really know how much there is left to do. I know that’s not good either, but I will add a lot of percents as soon as I have finished the movement engine and made some more graphics for the voxel platforms, and I have come quite far there.

Please, give motivation by writing in forum! :P