Dev on Öland

Once I had landed in Sweden, coming back from Austria, I was greeted with some very tragic news regarding my family. I slept at my apartment over the night and then jumped on a train back to where I grew up to meet with family. My beloved aunt, who is my third parent and who have raised me almost as much as my own mother, have had a very serious stroke. It doesn’t look good at all and I don’t feel very happy at all. I have been working on this project to distract myself, during the train trips and in the evenings.

This has led to various advancements such as player chosen colors and Cod (the players’ vehicles) models as well as the beginning of a coop game mode and a better code base (all player controls now use the same code so that I don’t have to update it for every player). I have also started on the in-game GUI which will be a like a projection from the CodBase (the mother ship) giving the feeling that the menu is in the game world.

A final thing I added are a lot of new moves, which was easier to implement after I had fixed the general player control script. Cods can now dash (pressing the stick forward) which gives a boost with a ramming advantage but stun penalty, sharp turn (pressing the stick down) letting the player turn sharply at a speed penalty and some very basic dodge move (left and right shoulder). The idea is to give the players more possibilities to fly in an unpredictable manner and allow for more advanced techniques. All these things haven’t really been tested though, as I haven’t had three other players to play with me.