Dev in Austria

So I got back from the UK only to have to go on another busy trip to Austria. This time around I have had a little bit more time to work on Stricod however. I did some alpha testing with the people I traveled with on the airplane, train and in the hotel. : )

One thing I found and fixed was an issue with the fourth player’s control which turned out to be deprecated code for this player. I the went ahead to implement crashing. Players now collide with each other and objects defined to be solid. When there is a collision a player lose control, bounce back and rotate a little bit as speed is slowing down. The player then regains control and starts to fly again.

I initially tried for really heavy damage, removing a big portion of the players max health on collision. The idea was that this would allow for players with more health to ram an opponent given that this player was aware that the outcome would be favorable. Ramming was fun but it turns out that my damage model was a bit naive, leading to a draw most of the time.