Twice the Resolution

I haven’t posted anything for a while now. This is because I have been working very slowly with a major graphical update, namely doubling the resolution. I didn’t feel that there was a point in posting before I got it working, and I have also started some new projects which stole some time.

The resolution has been changed from 180*320 to 360*640 which is the portrait counterpart to my Gr3at M4gician resolution. I choose the original one because I wanted to keep the game a small project, but I later realized that I prefer to work with this size of graphics for my current style and it also looks much better.

There was an update to Fusion which fucked up the chipped solution for storing external data. Before it was awkward because it didn’t work the same on different platforms but now I just couldn’t get it to work on Android at all. There also seems to be some bug to setting Android app permissions because the project doesn’t save the value of a checkbox for allowing reading of external data. Luckily the Clickteam somehow knew that their “ini-file”-update wasn’t that great and also sent an Android backwards compatibility object with it. It’s really silly, but now everything is working so it’s not the worst engine update issue anyone ever had.

I partook in a¬†gamejam called No More Sweden the weekend before last weekend and during that jam I met Arvi Teikari aka Hempuli who have been making a lot of great games I liked in the past. As we discussed projects I saw that he had been playing around with zoom or simulation of a 3d camera, something that is not natively supported by Fusion. I have understood that it was possible, because scaling is possible, but during my last try I just dismissed it as probably too CPU heavy and complicated. However this game me new hope and two scripting lines later and it was working. I made a small game with the working title Zoom Test from that, started working on a platform game which will be picking up my old time project Tharyn’s Tale and I’m planning to try and add zooming to Solid Jumper as well.