The user generated java script part of zTinker finally works as intended, I think. Still a little bit rough of course. Libraries which are loaded in the head of the markup are now loaded in order, making sure that one is loaded before the next one is (had an issue there). I’ve chosen the system design that users are not supposed to write scripts inside of the markup, but only link to scripts there. I allow for one custom in-editor script to be written in a separate editor and linked to in the markup. Script libraries, my test case has been a responsive menu library, now load properly and do what they should to the preview and the custom script runs as well. Having coded a quick custom script for allowing a change from one page to another there was a final issue with the link result not loading in the preview, but it turned out that it was a simple fix.

I sort of feel satisfied for the moment regarding this project, maybe I will take a break and work on some game projects now. Hopefully nobody will fuck up my test environment while I don’t work on it, because you could… Maybe I should add a admin/login system before I leave it. :)