Great success, time to regress

The jam is over! A big thank you to all the jammers, our jury members, the sponsors and my co-organizer Mårten! You all did a great job and contributed to a wonderful global game jam.

The winner, by the way, was Coffee Simulator by Robin. His unique and interesting art style combined with playability and solid gameplay pulled through when it came to charming our jury the most on a general level (our jury was a fairly diversified group).

As for Thinking inside the box, what we called our game; we didn’t take part of the competition as I was part of the jury. It turned out great though, a solid experience in the vein of what I really wished to achieve without knowing how feasible it was in the context of the jam. It took a while to disassemble, but I got help from Mårten and a kind jammer.

I’m hoping to compile some footage of what it was like to experience Thinking inside the box later on, but for now it’s time to get rested. It’s a work day tomorrow. ; )

Coffee Simulator by Robin:
All the games of our jam site: