Wireless Prototyping

While I wasn’t able to make anything new worth bringing to this year’s Automat event (I had to work on Enbarr until and some time after the event opening) I figured out what a next step would be for both of the projects. When working with prototypes that are placed on the bodies of players, cables are an obvious weak spot. I think it’s about time I came up with a go-to solution for wireless communication.

While I’m aware that many of my projects already use wireless communication, over wifi for instance, what I want is a plug-and-play ordeal in the style of what wireless keyboards and mice have in their nano USB dongles. I looked around for a out-of-box solution, but couldn’t find any. Electronic components to be used with an Arduino like MC are huge in comparison to your average USB dongle, so now I’m looking into finding wireless keyboards with small ICs that I can hack.