First Iterations of Nose Cabinet

I have a game on the way for the RSM 2018 (retrospelsm√§ssan or retro game fair) and I call it “PickaBoog”. So the jam theme is “traffic jam”, ideated from the fact that the fair will be in an old go cart hall/track and that there is a fair bit of trafficy things in many retro games. As one does I wanted to take a somewhat novel take on the theme and landed in many fingers picking the same nose causing a traffic jam in there. The cabinet will be a large nose for two competing players, each controlling their avatar, a finger, with a joystick hidden in their respective side’s nostril. Blends really well thematically and makes great use of the cabinet format if I may say so myself. : ) The game will be something of a competitive snake, though the fingers will be able to extend from and retract to a static point on the screen and you pick boogers and not apples. I have ideas for tactile feedback for when the nose is “irritated” and eventually “sneezes”, but one step at a time. This weekend I did a bit of body storming on the great material that cardboard boxes, specifically banana boxes, are and came up with something that looks vaguely like a nose. Progress, progress! : )