Tiles and ideas

So I played the game Kingdom by Noio recently again and was reminded how much I liked that concept and wanted to make something in the same spirit as well. I though about what kind of game that would be, what I would make differently from Kingdom. Then I was reminded of my old Battle of Cheese project, and how that was heading in the direction of Kingdom as well. So I expanded on the Battle of Cheese idea and came up with the following:

There is a planet with a resurrection system that has been corrupted by warring factions. The corrupted system engulfs the planet like Jörmungander (from norse mythology) or the ouroboros. The players takes the roles of commandos of competing factions which try to retake the planet. The resurrection system is called Danh-Gbi after a life giving, African snake god.

The game is going to be a 2D platformer with RTS elements but it will use the y-axis more than Kingdom and have a sci-fi setting.