Trauma-GUCCI was my submission for the No More Sweden gamejam 2015. It is a local multiplayer game for 2-4 players. Eeach player train their own trauma-guccis, small blob like animals, and send them into an arena where they battle the other players’ guccis over precious genes and apples.

NMS 2015

So I attended the No More Sweden game jam again this year and had a great time. This year we were in Malmö, a classic venue for the jam though I have never attended any of the previous Malmö runs. I stayed at my sister’s place in a town nearby called Lund together with a friend and spend the days on the magnificent jam site STPLN, an old ship building facility in the heart of Malmö’s old marine district. Me and two friends and former students made a game together, we call it Trauma-GUCCI.

In the year 20XY, GUCCI MegaCorp spreads the super disease Trauma-GUCCI. Only the blobby creatures can stop them by collecting genes to become the strongest. But your enemies also want to save the world. Who ever collects the most genes win!

Who is the best at saving the world from FASHION FEAR FEEL?

The game is available via the submission page: Trauma-gucci.