I have made a few attempts at making a sequel to one of my finished games, Stick Warrior. During this process I have learned quite a few useful things for my other projects, but not managed to make much of a game. I have a pretty good idea of what I want the game to be like though so maybe some day I will finish it. :3

Playing around with touch

I have been playing around with a control scheme for playing a platformer on a touch screen. The idea is to use the the strengths of the touch interaction, such as tapping, swiping and pinching, rather than trying to emulate a physical controller on a flat, non-tactile surface. Very interesting, might lead to a new stick warrior, or a platformer with another theme.


Since completing The Incredible Stick Warrior I’ve been toying with the idea of creating a more advanced and experimental sequel. For the early prototypes I kept the simplistic paint graphics, making them with a bit more detail and higher resolution, and the platformer core gameplay. However, I’m revamping it with a mouse aim, gun action and drag and drop inventory system. I’m also playing around with enemy AI. All in all it’s very interesting, we’ll see if it turns into anything.