A VR slapping simulation by me and Ninja for the No More Sweden game jam 2017 in Malmö.

Slappy of NMS 2017

In your years of adolescence, you discovered a natural talent for le arte d’ lavette (slapping). It’s been twenty years and your club d’ sanwiss (BDSM club) is doing better than ever. That is great since your skills are needed now more than ever.

Alien slugs, also known as slap-kin, are on the rise and you must step up and become a slap king. To keep the slugs satisfied and occupied, you must provide them some good slapping. That is the only way to save the world.

Will the peace last or is the challenge of your life just around the corner?


  • Zezard (code, game design, voice acting)
  • Lumianna (game design, code)
  • Andeye (3D models)
  • Martin Mathiesen Kvale (sound editing and recording)
  • Defkit soft body physics by Dr Korzen from Unity Asset Store
  • Grumble AMP by Grumble Labs from Unity Asset Store (music)
  • Faceslap by jmmcdona04 @ freesound.org (sound effects)
  • 23.slaps.wav by bthtrad2000 @ freesound.org (sound effects)

View at itch.io: slappy-the-slug