Endless ram runner made in Unreal Engine for the Quarantine jam 3 during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Jam Over!

We set the 3rd of July as end date for this June jam so that we would be able to hold a little ending ceremony on a Friday. It turned into a neat little session where we tried two games, a FPS with an intended story of a post apocalyptic world where people have bars and scavenge the surrounding for coffee brewing parts. The other, ours, we could just show because we didn’t have the time to package it. Super fun, didn’t have the time to include all aspects in today’s version, but will finish it up in the coming days!

Game face-lift

Johan had a look at the graphical style of our game world and added a brighter background, platform texture and lighting to it. Starting to look pretty good actually.

New Unreal Engine 5 Trailer!

My vacations have basically started and I’m finding some more time to play around with this project and figuring UE out. There is now some rudimentary player control and such, but we might still have some way to go before we take full advantage of that famed UE out-of-the-box graphics. : )

Being a goat

I don’t get a lot of time to work with this, really looking forward to my upcoming summer vacations and hoping I’ll be able to sprint a bit in cross-over between this jam and my vacation. I experience that it is quite tough to get into UE from the point-of-view I prefer, hands-on experimentation.

Johan have managed to finish and animate the ram mesh for the game though. : )

Runner concept

Still not much to report on anything dev related, except that Johan made some basic concept art for what the look and feel of the game might be.

Early ram-ification

Not much progress on the Unreal Engine side, I’ve not managed to wrap my head around doing basic things just yet. Johan have started on meshes for the player and platforms though, and Merve has made a neat tune for background music.

Of splines and modules

Our group is quite busy and only being able to collaborate online obviously does not make syncing easier. Up till now we’ve only been able to discuss some directions we could go with this ram character containing game. We are currently leaning towards a 2.5D endless runner with bendy or “spline based” platforms. Screen above is by Johan when describing how the platforms might fit together technically.