Mr. One Hand Typer was made for a competition in which you were supposed to create a small puzzle game in a month or something. I made a typing game, but instead of training the player in fast typing it’s more of just as mess. You type sentences which appear to the left while stearing a guy with the mouse to the right. When a correct letter is typed it will appear at random spot in the top and fall down. The guy has to collect it to score points. You must also be on the lookout for powerups and dangers which might spawn at any time.

Game Release

This is my entry for the mini-game compo.


It’s a typing game, where you have to write various words and letters meanwhile having to control a small guy, Mr. One Hand Typer, with the mouse to catch these letters plus avoid dangerous obstacles.

The music was made by a good friend of mine, Sofus Stille.


  • Mouse to skip and maneuver menus
  • Mouse to steer Mr One Hand Typer
  • Keyboard to type letters

There are more instructions in the game.