(Fri)Day of Darkness

The jam is over and I managed to make a little top down, split screen, artsy collect em up for four players.
I’s about consumerism, where all players race together to consume for a total value high enough to destroy their world. As a player buys something, they get fatter, eventually making it harder and harder to move around in the game world and not accidentally buy stuff.

Download link:

Trashy Game jam 2019

I’m joining the Trashy game jam 2019. Some friends have been organizing this for years, but I haven’t been able to attend until now. The jam i special in that you only get four hours to create a game, with a focus on being unpretentious, or trashy if you like. : ) I will attend with my toddler, so that will likely add some extra challenge.

Itch.io page: