This started out as a school project which I did with two friends. Now they are occupied with other things, but I’m looking into continuing the project. It is a rogue like Android game in which you play short instances of zombie survival in post apocalyptic worlds. Not only the world, but character meetings and story will be generated. I’m currently trying out a new game engine which will allow for quicker but more limited development.

Reworked with New Engine

So I took the old engine down in order to work with it more rapidly in a stock engine. This is limiting, but it also means I should be able to produce the game quicker, which is of course one of the more interesting features to get from an engine. At the very least, now I have something to work with.

Course Over

We have now presented the project for the course. As the course is over, it’s time to see whether I will continue working on the project in my spare time. I think it has potential given its similarity to Project Zomboid with the difference of being a mobile title.

Here is my final home exam regarding the interface of the game for anyone interested:
Mobile Computing_Home Exam