Finger Slinger is a Mobile VR game with gesture controls. It’s the outcome from the Inceptive AR hackathon in Sant Feliu de Guíxols along the spanish coast north of Barcelona.

Back to Reality

And so I’m back to rainy Gothenburg after a few days in a spanish, coastal villa. Great company, inspiring environment and fun technology made the hackathon into a truly top notch time. While most of my hacking went into exploration of the compatibility between technology (with little success), I take the learnings and the small project I did at the end with me. A big thanks to Inceptive and Magnus for letting me join! : )

Hacking in the Sun

Turns out it was really tricky combining Tango and CrunchFish using Unity, the techs are both pretty new and use the same camera resources on the Android native side. The result is either being stuck in the Tango loading screen forever or getting a missing texture on the camera feed for CrunchFish.

On the other hand things are great here. We are cooking great food in the villa, have plenty of refreshments at hand and have been doing little excursions in the surrounding area. It’s very beautiful.

Tomorrow is the last day that we can develop during since we are heading back on Sunday, so I will switch focus to something I’m more comfortable with using only CrunchFish and no AR. It’ll probably be great. : )

Sant Feliu de Guíxols

I have taken refuge from Swedish spring weather in a villa along the coast in petite but charming Sant Feliu de Guíxols, Spain. This becaus me and a colleague were invited to an AR hackathon by the company Inceptive after the organizer saw me and said colleague hold a presentation on the many MR related projects we do at RISE Interactive.

After an initial ideation session we have landed in that I and the organizer will try and combine Google Tango with a Gothenburg startup gesture tech called CrunchFish trhough Unity. Will be interesting.

So far it seems like we will have a great time, with lots of tech, sangria and terrace pool volleyball. : )