Virtual Böj turning out great!

So far so good. I have only been able to work on my game during the evenings due to my day job yesterday and today, but I might spend the whole day tomorrow on the project as I worked during the weekend.

The Virtual Boy style truly comes alive with mobile VR and is actually pretty cool and very playable. Looking forward to see what the others have made and to build a dedicated, cardboard casing for my mobile VR headset.

I’m making a platformer, inspired in ways from the looks and play style of the Wario game for the original Virtual Boy. I have chosen not to have a physical controller and instead rely solely on sensors and affordances of the phone and mobile VR as it will minimize the possible errors, something one should do when making a prototype to be tested by many in a non-lab environment. : ) The player makes its character walk by looking to its left or right and jump with and actual jump.