Quest Update

So I finally spent some time digging into the code of Solid and managed to make some real real progress on the questing system. There is apparently still some issue with updating progress of the right quests… or maybe it’s just that some quest progress listeners hand me data when nothing should be happening. I only saw the bug on my phone. Anyway, it has been a long day and I have gone from being naively positive, to very angry, to presently at peace. There were some horrid bugs which I just couldn’t understand when I started out, then it got a little better and then a lot worse. For a while I was seriously worried about the project’s future. This was countered with some fresh new starts and ideas leading to a feel-good session of untested coding. Then things went really bad again and I was angry for a while, sorting out bugs and cursing in chorus. Eventually the buggyness lifted and I was left with something that didn’t crash and behaved. I was even able to build a testable apk. Before I let people test it I want to figure out that progress bug though, and add some little bits of new eye candy so that you can feel that it’s a new version. : )