Ice Rune and Rotation

I have added the first of a few magical runes that will spawn now and then. If the player touches them their powers are transferred to the player, changing the control scheme to something gimmicky towards that rune and giving a means to beat the dragon.

I made ice, which will cause to player to freeze the air in front of her and skate around on the ice. Coming up are fire and thunder for the first release.

During this development I ran into some weird problems when I wanted to use my command for rotating the tower to a certain point. I finally remembered that I had implemented the rotation in a very hacky way, so I fixed that and now it makes more sense and needs less code.

I also started working on the system for equipping and unequipping items. I ran into some problems with setting them into a certain state of either,  not bought, unequipped and equipped. Will fix that later.