It’s jam time!

A game dev class which I’m teaching programming to are hosting a game jam, and I’m pumped. : ) They choose a pretty interesting procedure to create a theme for the jam, an open Spotify playlist (to which all attendees can submit songs) and three songs will then be shuffle picked at the start of the jam. I’m attending of course, and one of my songs were actually picked, making it extra fun.

So themes are:
J-E-S-U-S spells Jesus (weird church gospel)
The art of dying (slow melancholy electronic, metal)
In the waiting line (pretty nifty electronic)
Humans are such easy prey (my song, cool, hard electric)

I felt there was an obvious sort of religious, after-life, temptation theme. In my early ideation I came up with wanting to create a mix between an RTS and a JRPG battle system Final Fantasy style.

I couldn’t join at the start because of work, but I got started in the evening of the first day. The second day we spent in one of the jammers freelance office, very neat, they had a snow scooter. Will be interesting to see where it ends up.