RAGE was created in a project where we attempted to create an arcade gun. The idea was to design it so that the user would get a really heavy impression, both from the guns actual weight, its fake recoil and its interaction and visuals.

Working Prototype

We managed to put the trigger handle, recoil system and wiimote into a working prototype. Still some work to be done, but we recorded a video showing where the project is currently at.

Game Concept

The RAGE gun will be both arcade gun and a digital game for testing it out, although the game would in theory work with any point and shoot game with limited input requirements. : ) I came up with some concept theme and art, the idea is to mix a cyber future with medieval fantasy. Heavy metal, advanced weaponry is also core.

Rejoice for Recoil

One of the biggest challenges of this project was to create a recoiling system for the gun. Ideas have been going in all sorts of direction, but now we have finally landed in something that works. Less is more, and we were fortunate to get hold of an old pinball solenoid. On top of that we use a power cube and an Arduino controller transistor. The result is a controlled, magnet propelled piston, awesome! : D

We also replaced the iron core that came with the solenoid for rare earth magnets, to see if that would give a little passive boost.

RAGE Arcade Gun, Concept

Yes! We are going for my idea to make a really heavy arcade machine gun for the final project in the interaction design project course. The theme is “light”, so the connection here would be that the gun is the opposite, heavy. : )

We made some visual concept sketches to get an idea for the look and feel as well as a sketch for how we imagine that it will function.