Javascript and PHP

So I have been working on a way to integrate a database into your zTinker webpage. I initially intended try and add the possibility to connect a phpmyadmin installation to the interface for a fast, robust and common db management solution. However it turns out that phpmyadmin comes with protection against iframe connections. If you have access to the configuration file for your installation you can get around this but this is seldom the case when you hire space from some service provide and I don’t want people to have to set up their own phpmyadmins so I started looking into alternatives. I found this lightweight thing called phpmyedit which is open source and generates a db management page for you. I will probably use a specific generation such as this and then allow the user to insert their own login credentials instead.

It’s however really hard to let people generate their own PHP or other server side code, so I instead looked into having some predefined php environment which javascript would connect to. For this reason I added a new editor to the UI which I call “Couplings”. The intention was to let the user connect certain markup or collections in their database to containers in their local markup. I eventually got javascript to work but I have since experienced all sorts of problems relating to access to the javascript scope of variables that are in the webpage from the start and variables that are added later dynamically.

Making progress though…