2016 Iteration

Just wanted to take a moment to sit down and write something for myself. Recently I have been quite stressed out with writing formal reports. I lost half of the Swedish summer days (which are not very common) being the one to prematurely stay on the ship as the rest of the world went on vacation to attend some pressing deadlines. The result is that I did some work that I’m not very proud of, felt stressed all the time (even during the occasional beach & beer sessions) and did no game developing what so ever. That’s why it feels kind of good to do a little bit of brain breezing web development, iterating on an old project.

We are launching the next issue of the MakerDays conference, and the website requires updating. I like this project, because it’s all about the minimalist design, keeping it neat but simple, less is more and all that. At one point I was hoping that I would have gotten so far with my zTinker tool at this point that I could have used it to make the new webpage. I haven’t, however, the underlying design is sort of there. Only issue with the content management is that it appears scary to anyone I’m supposed to work with in order to update the content (it’s old school HTML and such). Anyway, feels good to have written something. I submitted the most stressing reports today, so now there is only everything else to attend to… Here is a link to the webpage again, because why not:

Conference web: MakerDays