Racing in the water

So I’ve come to get comfortable with the people I’m going to work with at the park and also the workshop they have over there. Very cozy and somewhat familiar to my home office. We have had some time to discuss what they would like to see towards the end of the project, what I would like to explore and how we are going to get there.

While we have discussed several potential innovation vectors and game designs one main concept with started to crystallize, but with a few potential branches should we have the time. The main idea now is to build on the strengths of VR and the motion chair, creating a surreal type of experience with a lot of movement and vertigo, and the digital nature of the game, using generative content and adaptive multiplayer. As such, we have started to explore a down stream race in a steep river flying in the air. The race track can be generated by a computer given parameters by and operator.

We still have some paper work to sort out, but my colleagues at the park are on the ball and so am I. : )