A project with Liseberg!

We attempted it before, pitched doing a VR experience for the local amusement park Liseberg when they wanted a simulator of an upcoming coaster. Didn’t quite make it, instead an old student of mine and the consultancy bureau he works at got it (so still kind of fun). However, thanks to our very honest approach and down to earth promises, I now have the opportunity to do two things I like; build a game and teach in game development.

There is still a lot of paper work to fill out, we are looking to agree on a contract which leaves us with realistic expectation given the budget and the fact that I’m going to do most of the work myself. The project is basically going to be me learning a bit about the amusement park, their developers and their customers. Then I’m going to work with their developers, using motion chairs and HMDs they have since their previous VR project, to create one or more games. It will be a challenge for sure, but also super fun!