PickaBoog at RSM 2018!

Wohoo! What a great event RSM 2018 was, although hot… I went to the venue early in the morning, bringing the last of the cabinets and other things with the help of my brother. The indie games, arcades and other interactive exhibitions had been moved to their own building, dedicating the main hall to just game and game merch plus concert hall. At some point I was afraid that people wouldn’t find their way over to out space, but my fears were soon gone. We had lots of visitors and while it was super hot I had brought a fan and we made sure to have beverages behind the stand to stay alive.
While PickaBoog may have proven to be a little hard to understand without a helping hand, I got a lot of positive energy from visitors and am more than happy to participate next year as well. The RAGE arcade gun stole the show a bit, but more on that in its own blog. : )