Last minute patching

Tomorrow is the game party Tidsvåg and the plan is to exhibit some games we made during the Craft your own utopia-jam. I didn’t make a game during that jam, but I’ll bring the trusty PickaBoog and Enbarr mac Lir.

PickaBoog got its last major fresh-up ahead of the AHA! festival November last year. Since then I came across Unity’s new pixel camera features making it possible to run the game with intended graphics on a more convenient computer. I put it all together yesterday and was happy to see it run as intended.

Enbarr had its last run last December for the Christmas party at my job. Yesterday, I had a look at its circuitry and was reminded that there were some things to fix. One circuit was burnt out and I ha to replace its components. Another its tilt sensor connected the wrong way. I fixed these electrical issues and updated the code on the micro controllers to give more detailed data as well.

Today we moved all the stuff to the venue. Hopefully it will all run nicely tomorrow, because I’ve also become overall responsible for bringing and setting up equipment for exhibitors so I’ll probably have my hands full. : P