Global Gamejam Release

Once again joining the Global Gamejam this time as part of an event called Learn Do Share at the local makerspace Collaboratory. It was organized by TAG as one of their GAMERella game jams, a jam aimed at girls to inspire more females to join the fun of making games.

I had a super chill jam and got the honors of making the weirdest game. After having spent much less than 48 hours on active jamming and a Saturday of wine and cheese I arrived at a virtual reality, cooperative, massage experience. This year’s theme was the question “What do we do now?” and I wanted to try out various toys from the studio I work at (one floor below the jam site), so weird game it was. It was appreciated from what I could gather and the organizers grabbed by specialized massage pads for showing the thing at some Canadian gig, fun. : )

Submission page:
(It’s pretty hard to play the game given the very custom setup, but you can get the brief instructions and the “source code”)