A night at the museum

Today I went to the museum where the escape room will be part of an exhibition. It’s in a nearby town, one hour single trip by bus which goes every ten minutes or so. While there are a lot of issues with the software still, the physical installation comes with its own challenges.

So I spent this day installing computers and software, with really poor Internet (ofc) either using the city grid which could only be accessed in a separate room for the exhibition and using little WiFi dongles, using my phone hot spot and some municipal wired grid which kicked me out after a little while. We were also missing necessary video cables, but I managed to work around it with adapters I usually bring wherever I go and sharing a screen between two computers.

Everything is still not set up after having worked quite a few hours after the museum personnel left the building. At least I got to hang out with their headless, swamp buried corpse thought to have been a witch… I’m not even really complaining, in the end it’s all kind of fun. : )