The Journey of the Free Game

Eight or so years ago I discovered that Stick Warrior had been redistributed on other webpages. More interestingly, people had taken the time to write little reviews with screenshots and ratings, indicating that they had actually played the thing. I recently found two more such redistributions. I have gathered them below with link and translation.

The first one, and the one from eight years ago, is written by Dominik Wetter on the Check site For some reason there is also a Spanish version on Kudos to Dominik for the dramatic take on the game’s story, glad you liked it.

How long will this evil embrace countless hectares that do not belong to him? How many innocent people fall into slavery, which is not just a retired way to retirement. Well, there will still be enough. That’s why you need to hurry up as a brave warrior to fight.
The punishment of various individuals who do not have good behavior and social feelings or hints is here some Friday. Therefore, the plot does not seem to reflect. Some of the game’s charm comes from non-standard graphics.

It looks like the environment has been painted with water colors (and it has not melted), which certainly does not see on every corner. After a certain calming of your passions, you set out to ride a couple of enemies from the realm of evil. As a warrior you will swiftly swing with your sword, jump over a number of chasms, and actively cope with a variety of game environments. If the weapon dampens the blood of your opponents, you are probably going merrily forward to one of the bosses. Between each level, you can return and collect coins that are not found. There are two ends of the game and something tells me that it is related to honest collection.

The game is especially interesting by the visual processing that I personally caught. Otherwise, you can enjoy the standard game that definitely does not hurt.

The second redistribution I found was by Rodrigo Prada on the Portuguese site during my recent search. Perhaps not as positive, and I disagree that an average kid could have made it (given my experience with game development and children). I get the point though. :)

Is it an ice cream stick? Is it a sketchy drawing of a 3 year old? No! He is the most ill-designed hero in the history of games. The Incredible Stick Warrior proves that it is not the graphics that measure the strength and courage of a ninja. Scribbles, martial arts and lots of violence in one more prank game.

A hero without character, without face, hands, feet …
Some games bet on rough graphics to differentiate themselves from other games on the platform. No wonder no stick figure has become quite famous for his various performances in games of several different genres. The Incredible Stick Warrior excelled in simplicity, here it does not seem that only the hero was designed by a child, but that the whole game was developed by preschoolers.

Graphics? What is it?
Defeat all enemies that come your way and take care not to be defeated. In addition to his incredible jump, his main weapon is his staff, with this artifact in hand any scrawl turns into a killing machine. Collect as many coins as you can and get to the flag that marks the end of each phase, somewhat uncreative, right?

Finally, Jhonny Costa wrote a short but sweet review on a second Portuguese site Only thing I don’t get is why it’s version 1.0…

The Incredible Stick Warrior is a free game that in the same proportion as it is simple, is also fun. Control an incredibly rough stick figure and defeat your enemies!

The Incredible Stick Warrior
Your main weapons in the game are a bat and your super jump. The best platform style is to collect coins along the way and reach the flag that marks the end of the stage.

In a simple game like this, the commands could not be different: To control the violent toothpick use the spacebar, the directional keys, Control and Shift.