It’s back.

Hi, anyone who feels like reading this!
After a long time of little progress and many set backs I have finally gotten the time, inspiration and tools to continue with this project. It’s summer holidays for me, except for a few summer courses I’m taking for fun, and I have returned to the country side of my childhood island to refuel my inspiration (and live for free at my parents house).

Though I took up this particular project just a few days ago, I have already built some things that became instantaneously useful such as the basics for a flexible physics engine. This engine is now more developed and mostly implemented, and allows for many features in the coming game to be included easily.

The voxel engine has been looked over as well. It’s now much more controlled and potent than it was before.
I feel so satisfied with my recent progress that I am actually going to add another percent of completion (very symbolic though, it is probably more finished than that).

There is still more to be done with the physics before I continue with the battle system, but I’m making progress…