How far has it gotten?

Well, I’m pretty sure that you want to see what the game looks like so far, after that fancy introduction.

Here is a sketchy concept pic of Cate, so that you know what she looks like. She is inspired from Breath of Fire 2’s Katt.

The arsenal will consist of dual semi-automatic pistols, bombs, fire magic and the Dual Sabres; basically two sabres connected via a chain to allow some cool attacks and ways to to climb and swing across levels. I have no digital concept for these weapons at the moment.

Here is a preview, so you can see what the fake 3d looks like. I plan to remake most if not everything of Cate’s sprite.

The Platform engine is adjusted version of something I made for a previous attempt to make this game. The movement engine and animations for the Cate sprite is next on the to-do list.