Player Customization

So I had some intense day at work recently as a result of me struggling with a deadline. I felt somewhat relaxed this weekend though, and I managed to wrap up some work on Stricod that I have been working on to and from for some time. Well it’s not polished or anything, but you know.

Basically I have added character customization in such a way that users will get an idea of what it will look like in the game. I might have mentioned that I have this idea that all interfaces in the game should be “in-game”. In practice I want to make it graphically look like all menus and look like projections from the mother base (which is usually in the center of the screen between game sessions) or from the players’ cods. So the use flow now goes like this:

  • Title Screen
  • Select versus or coop mode
  • Select stage
  • Activate player
  • Customize ship
  • Mark for ready
  • Session starts when all active players are ready
  • On victory or draw, reenter customization state
  • Pressing “B” get players back to one step between mode select, stage select and customization

In the future I want the stage select to look like a projected, rotating galaxy with points of interests in it. Selecting such a point gives some text information and a thematic image of it. Each of these points represent a stage.

In order to allow all players to customize their ship efficiently I’m giving each player their own little projected interface which follows their ship.