Markers and Characters

So I started working on the characters that I want to be playable in the game. They will be characters somewhat in the same sense as the characters of F-Zero series, though the inspiration (or motive to honor really) comes from Micro Machines (characters and cod types will not be related). I have taken inspiration from the drawing style in King of Fighters, because I think they do it excellently, and drawn the foundation. A character from KoF can be seen to the bottom left, the others are Spider (top-left, reference to Micro Machines), Dragon (top-right) and Punkomancer (bottom-left, cameo from Gr3at M4gician).

I have also added markers to show where the players’ cods and the power ups are in the play field when they are outside the screen. This remains to be tested by multiple players for usability and performance. : )