Pretty Colors

So I have gotten even further in getting local multiplayer with game pads to work. Now it’s really almost working, however one controller seem to spaz out a little when there are three other players doing stuff. The problem is basically that there is some sort of faulty reading of the data stream coming from the controllers causing the sign for a left analogue stick of one controller to leak over to the next one.

This means that the problem only occurs when the sticks are pushed to their max values (because that’s where it leaks over) which is, sadly, the common case. Therefor, I have to do a weird thing with checking whether the the stick was ever pushed in one direction or not, rather than reading the actual values. However, it’s working good enough for me now to focus a little bit on graphics, so I started adding some lighting effect. It’s important to remember to sometimes work on presentation during development, because many user simply can’t avoid caring a lot about this.

I have also been testing these versions on game evenings which have been held on my old university which I have been invited to lend the new Oculus. Me and a friend also founded the gaming association which is arranging these evenings some years ago. : )