360 Controllers for Local Multiplayer!

I have a new favorite gaming setup. It’s four 360 controllers, a PC receiver and a laptop. I will not get into detail about how much that setup kicks any modern console’s butt, but instead update on the development of my local multiplayer shooter.

I have a name for it now, it’s Stricod (feels retro like “Galaga”, contains cool word like “strike”, doesn’t mean anything and opens up for in-game terms to be themed on “cod”, somewhat similar to how fighters are called “zigs” in Zero Wing). I have, after a lot of tweaking, almost got it working with four 360 controllers for multi coop. However, the team behind Fusion 2.5 (Clickteam) are not super good and have somehow failed to ship the environment with a working plugin for all kinds of gamepads, including 360 ones. I have almost found a good workaround though. :)