New beginnings

A virus pandemic, small child and heaps of saved up vacation somehow landed me in the conclusion of taking an epic seven week summer vacation. While I’m spending most of it going to local playgrounds and gobbling through the flavours of the local ice cream bar, there have been some time for project reflection.

So, I decided on picking up an old project, and the pick landed on StriCOD. I got half-way there, porting it form Unity from Multimedia Fusion four years ago. Since then there have been lots of interesting new features added to Unity. As a matter of fact, picking up the basics from where I left up was a rather smooth process. I’m looking forward into working a more long-term project again. : )

Furthermore, I have employed the talents of Vidar MÃ¥rtensson whom I have worked together with on some secret projects and TP Wars to help me make some music for StriCOD. Nice!